2021 Winners

Janelle Hopkins - 2021 Winner

CFO of REA Group Ltd

"Our people are the key to our success. They show up with purpose every day, sharing knowledge in a collaborative, inventive environment and using cutting-edge technology. We have a team of the best and brightest who are changing the way the world experiences property." - View in Edition » 2022 - submission VOTE NOW
2021 Winners
United Kingdom

Dirk Kahl - 2021 Winner

CFO of Lidl GB

"A great CFO should be able to cut through today’s noise of data and provide relevant and timely insights for colleagues and enable them to excel at their jobs." - View in Edition » 2022 - submission VOTE NOW
2021 Winners

James von Moltke - 2021 Winner

CFO of Deutsche Bank

"More than 90% of the Finance team has been working remotely for more than a year. Some have lost loved ones to COVID-19 or seen other disruptions in their lives. The courage, dedication and resilience shown by my Finance colleagues has been truly remarkable." - View in Edition » 2022 - submission VOTE NOW

CFO Awards 2022

Voting Closed

Voting is now closed for the 2022 Finance Monthly CFO Awards.

In today’s challenging economic environment, Chief Financial Officers are faced with a demanding and complex medium which necessitates immense business acumen and practical knowledge. Year upon year, the Finance Monthly CFO Awards celebrate the hard work, innovation and vision of the most successful CFOs across a wide range of different sectors around the globe, recognising excellence and achievement in financial leadership.

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