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Finance Monthly CFO Awards 2018

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Every year Finance Monthly CFO Awards celebrate the success, innovation and vision of CFOs across a wide range of different sectors across the globe.

The role of the CFO is critical to the success of any organization – keeping the business financially sound and implementing successful strategies are critical to the role. At their best, a CFO helps lead key initiatives that support overall growth, executes and funds strategies set by the CEO and liaises with external stakeholders. Over the past decade, the role of a chief financial officer has undoubtedly broadened, while in today’s challenging economic environment, CFOs are faced with a challenging and complex medium which necessitates immense business acumen and practical knowledge. With such a diverse set of attributes, characteristics and circumstances to consider and a role that seems to be continuously evolving. For the 2018 CFO Awards edition Finance Monthly’s research team will carry out a comprehensive fact-finding research process to identify some of the very best CFOs working in the corporate world today.

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