Finance Monthly CFO Awards 2021

F i nance Month l y CFO Awards 2021 Firm Profile doValue is one of the main players in Southern Europe providing services to banks and investors for themanagement of loans and real estate assets. Its assets under management amount to €160 billion in gross book value. The Group extends its scope of activities to performing loans, early arrears, UTP, non-performing loans and real estate assets, and provides ancillary products for business information and master servicing. Current Group structure reflects the organic and external growth and diversification of doValue over 21 years of operations. It was created from a combination, in 2016, of the two largest Italian servicers: UCCMB, originally part of the UniCredit Group, and Italfondiario, active since 2000 in partnership with leading specialized investors both owned by the US private equity firm Fortress. In July 2017, doValue’s share debuted on the Milan stock market, placed with institutional investors. Between 2018 and 2019 doValue experienced a phase of major expansion and significant diversification, first with the entry in the Greek market through being awarded a servicing contract from the four systemic local banks and later in the wider Southern European market, with the acquisition of Altamira Asset Management, a servicer active in Spain, Portugal and Cyprus and a leader in the management of real estate assets. In the Italian market, doValue’s growth continued with the acquisition of new servicing contracts from banks and investors, in particular confirming its leading position as servicer in securitisations assisted by State guarantee (“GACS”). At the end of 2019, doValue announced the acquisition of FPS (now doValue Greece), a Greek servicer with managed assets of over €26 billion, which allowed the Group to become a leader also in the promising Greek market. The completion of the FPS acquisition in June 2020 represents a further step forward in the strengthening of doValue’s leadership in the servicing market in Southern Europe, using an “asset-light” business model that does not require direct investments in portfolios and pursuing increasingly greater diversification in the credit value chain. Since IPO, doValue Group more than doubled it size and achieved greater diversification from one country of operations to five and from selected product offer to the whole value chain of loan management. About Manuela Franchi Manuela Franchi is a graduate from Bocconi University in Milan. After a career in Investment Bank- ing, Manuela has moved into the corporate sector becoming CFO of doValue S.p.A. - formerly doBank - and managing the company’s latest significant transactions, including the successful listing on the Ital- ian stock exchange in 2017 and the international expansion through the Greek start-up in 2018, the ac- quisition of Altamira in Spain, Por- tugal and Cyprus in 2019 and the acquisition of FPS from Eurobank in 2020 as well as leading all related funding through bank facilities and bond issuances. Since 2020, she has also been ap- pointed as General Manager for Corporate Functions at doValue covering all areas related to opera- tions, IT, HR, procurement, trans- formation projects, organization, in addition to her role as CFO of the Group and deploying a new in- tegrated governance model across the regions focused on achieving higher integration and efficiencies in all common areas of activities through the implementation of a uniform strategy. She began her carrier in Investment Banking in 2000 at Goldman Sachs and moved to Bank of America Mer- rill Lynch in 2007 until 2016 manag- ing various M&A deals, bank financ- ing, debt and equity capital markets transactions following companies primarily operating in the telecom, media and infrastructure sectors. She also covers several offices as member of the board of directors in different subsidiaries of the Group. - ITALY - - 19 -

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