Finance Monthly CFO Awards 2021

F i nance Month l y CFO Awards 2021 insights when it comes to investment and strategic value in a way that grants the company a significant advantage over the competition. I think an ability to recognise talent is crucial for any CFO. Successful CFOs invest a great deal of their time in recruiting, meeting personally with team members at a variety of levels within the function, and making sure people recognise that the company is committed to their success. That’s because the calibre of the finance staff is crucial to the success of the company. As confirmed by the recent COVID-19 pandemic, a CFO should remain flexible and open-minded. An ability to adapt can make or break the CFO of any company. The most effective CFOs use their influence to help make the organisation more resilient in the face of shifts and disruptions and able to embrace change instead of avoiding it. It goes without saying that integrity should be one of the main values and at the core of a CFO’s ethical principles. The CFO should act as the company’s conscience, ensuring that all endeavours are aligned with the goal to create values for the company and that resources are being invested in a way that serves the interest of the company. Receiving the CFO Award from Finance Monthly Magazine, for the second year in a row, is an achievement that I take great pride in. But above all, I am proud of my incredible team and being a member of Commercial Bank’s family. This year, we have been faced with several challenges. However, thanks to our strategic plan and innovative approach, we have been able to overcome these challenges successfully by delivering the best financial and digital services to our valued customers. Firm Profile Incorporated in 1974 as the first private bank in the country, Commercial Bank is one of the leading financial institutions in Qatar with a profitable track record since its inception. It continues to play an important role in driving innovation and raising service standards in banking across the region through investing in new technologies, a clear focus on customers, and prudent management. The bank’s country-wide network includes 25 full-service branches, 80 ATMs and 7 cheque book printing machines. Commercial Bank of Qatar also owns and operates the exclusive ‘Diners Club’ franchise in Qatar and Turkey. The bank is listed on the Qatar Exchange and was the first Qatari bank to list its Global Depository Receipts on the London Stock Exchange. Commercial Bank’s bonds issuance is listed on the Irish Stock Exchange and the Swiss Exchange (SIX). Business segments: • Wholesale Banking: Provides a range of conventional commercial and investment banking services and products to large, medium, and small enterprises, including corporate lending, trade finance, syndicated loans, deposits, letter of credit, and guarantees. • Retail Banking: Provides a full suite of conventional retail banking services and products to retail customers in Qatar, including current and deposit accounts, wealth management, mortgage lending, personal and vehicle loans, and credit card and other card services. • International Banking: Provides correspondent banking services, corporate cross-border loans and other Wholesale Banking products to financial institutions, large corporates, sovereigns, non-bank financial institutions, and high to ultra-high net worth family offices based outside of Qatar. In 2019, the Bank’s international corporate lending strategy focused mostly on transport, industry and services sectors with strong Qatari angles. • Treasuryand Investments: Responsible forasset-liabilitymanagement, capital and financial market investments, trading, and treasury sales. The department manages the overall funding and liquidity requirements of the Bank. This includes management of operational and strategic liquidity requirements, as well as accessing the international debt capital markets for funding needs. Subsidiaries • Alternatif Bank • Commercial Bank Financial Services (L.L.C.) • Orient 1 Limited • CBQ Finance Limited • CB Global Trading Limited • CB Innovation Services (L.L.C.) Associates • National Bank of Oman (S.A.O.G.) • United Arab Bank (P.J.S.C.) • Massoun Insurance Services (L.L.C.) The success of Commercial Bank is driven by its commitment to the following 5Cs: Corporate Earnings Quality Client Experience Creativity & Innovation. Culture Compliance Confidence & Trust Commercial Bank has received several awards throughout the years as a recognition of its innovative achievements, products, and services. The Bank enjoys strong credit ratings of (A3) from Moody’s, (A) from Fitch, and (‘BBB+/A-2) from Standard & Poor’s. - QATAR - - 33 -

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