Finance Monthly CFO Awards 2021

F i nance Month l y CFO Awards 2021 After a year where organisations were forced to continuously change plans and rethink their approach to business recovery, the future is finally looking less turbulent, with a potential COVID-19 vaccine on the way. One fundamental transformation 2020 brought to businesses, however, will continue informing the next year. Leaders will be looking to the CFO for insights on the business and guidance to decide their next move. If the early stages of the pandemic have taught us anything, it is that companies need good quality data to make faster decisions. The question is, what data-driven insights do CFOs have to provide companies to deliver the best response to persistent change? It could be argued that all data is valuable. Nonetheless, CFOs must focus on three particular data-led insights to steer businesses to recovery. They need to provide visibility into working capital, empower other leaders with data, and manage investor expectations with scenario planning. In doing so, they will be in a strong position for success in 2021 and be able to guide the business through any challenges the future may bring. Gain greater visibility into working capital The first priority all CFOs have in common is being able to share real-time visibility over their business’ financial inflows and outflows in order to manage cash To Help CFOs Guide Business Recovery Insights - SPECIAL FEATURE - - 39 - Tim Wakeford, VP for Financials Product Strategy at Workday, offers his insight to CFOs looking to lead their business back to strength.

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