Finance Monthly CFO Awards 2021

F i nance Month l y CFO Awards 2021 more agility and confidence during the pandemic. This way, they were able to fix gaps quicker, without slowing their recovery plans. Manage investor expectations with scenario planning The uncertainty and volatility created by the pandemic has led to markets swinging back and forth. In turn, this creates pressure from investor communities and has served to highlight one of the biggest challenges organisations face — determining the long-term future of a business. In the current state of constant change, CFOs and their teams cannot underestimate the importance of taking a strategic approach to investor relations. Besides sharing earnings reports, it’s the CFO and its team’s role to offer constant reassurance to stakeholders by communicating how management teams are dealing with the crisis. Therefore, when talking to investors, leaders have three choices: withdraw, revise, or reaffirm guidance. A recent Deloitte report revealed that more than half of CFOs from public companies have chosen to withdraw from providing guidance. Although understandable, this could signal that leaders are unsure of their company’s prospects and have a downward impact on stocks. When faced with this lack of clarity, finance leaders must stay ahead of the curve and give invaluable insights to investors by undertaking scenario planning. Many of our customers are basing their entire recovery plans on multiple pictures of their budget using what-if scenarios, and it’s proven equally important for investor insights. CFOs can build scenarios to better understand what the future may look like in areas of particular interest to investors, such as covenants. Deploying these types of forward-looking processes will help businesses prove their stability, ensuring sustained recovery and emphasising their long-term objectives with clear metrics. The strategic role of the CFO for business recovery The pandemic has shifted the role of the financial office for good. Everyone – from HR and commercial teams to investors – are now looking to the CFO for guidance and to spearhead the business through upcoming disruption. Armed with the right insights, plans and tools, the CFO will be able to lead their organisation to a swift recovery and prepare the business to thrive, whatever the future holds. pressures. - SPECIAL FEATURE - - 41 -

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