Finance Monthly - CFO Awards 2022

Bill Blain offers his views on the big themes everyone will be talking about in 2023. Bill Blain - Strategist at Shard Capital FORGET EVERYTHING YOU KNOWABOUT ECONOMICS A LOOK AHEAD TO 2023 Like every financial pontificator and prognosticator, I am going to present predictions for 2023. I could go tearing through the entrail or birds or try reading tarot cards, but experience teaches the best we can do is guess, and then carefully dress it up and hedge these guesses to present them as informed advice. But that’s not what readers are looking for. Readers generally want insights and ideas so here is my best advice for dealing with 2023. First, forget everything you ever thought you knew about economics and your perceptions of current markets! That might just be the best piece of advice I ever give. Chuck everything you think is sacrosanct in the bin and start again. Do so, and the current contradictory markets and theoretical economic morass might make a little more sense. Break it down and reconstruct the bits and pieces to make sense of your perceptions! Remembering, of course, to spice it with plenty of self-doubt. Remember the most significant danger to markets is people. The market, after all, is just an enormous voting machine weighing up the votes of every participant. Finance Monthly. Front Cover Feature 41

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