Finance Monthly CFO Awards 2021

F i nance Month l y CFO Awards 2021 - 49 - About Nikos Koutsogiannis Nikos Koutsogiannis joined Attica Bank in December 2017 as Attica Bank Group’s CFO. Nikos supervises the Finance Dpt, the Strategy and Financial Planning Dpt and the MIS Dpt and is also the PMO in all strategic transactions of Attica Bank. He is a member of the Executive Committee, the ALCO Committee and Chairman of the Bank’s personnel evaluation & hiring Committee. Before joining Attica Bank, Nikos worked for PwC in Greece for 14 years. His experience covers mostly the banking sector, advisory and assurance services. Nikos was dynamically involved in advising Greek banks on Asset Quality Review exercises and restructuring projects. Nikos is a graduate of the Athens University of Economics and Business (BA and MSc) and he is a Certified Accountant. He also holds an IFRS Diploma from ACCA and he speaks three foreign languages. Firm Profile Attica Bank has been established in 1924 and is one of the oldest financial institutions in Greece. The Bank has a network of 50 branches spread out all over Greece. Attica Bank is listed in the Athens Stock Exchange, offers a variety of products and services covering the needs of both corporate and retail clients and has a significant presence in key sectors in Greece via long-term relationships and boutique client service. The Bank has endorsed ESG criteria in it’s’ operations and lending policies, to foster the “green” agenda and thus contributing to sustainable growth with minimal environmental footprint. Furthermore, Attica Bank has set an ambitious target to new loan production to the Energy sector with a focus on renewables. The Bank is also proceeding swiftly with the digitalization of its client interface and back office operations, aiming to become the ‘oldest modern bank’ in Greece. Attica Bank is contributing to the rebound of the Greek economy through lending facilities backed by national and EU support in the context of minimizing the economic and social impact of COVID-19. During 2020, Attica Bank has almost doubled its new loan production in order to fulfil this objective while at the same time, deposits have increased and funding cost has been drastically reduced by the use of wholesale funding facilities provided by the ECB. Attica Bank’s vision is to be a modern bank without any legacy issues, which will contribute in a meaningful and responsible manner to the prosperity and progress of its client and at the same time, provide strong returns to its shareholders. - GREECE - Attica Bank has increased its deposits by since December 2016 The Bank was the first one to use the securitization tool to carve out non-performing loans from its balance sheet since 2017; All three transactions are part of the Bank’s Business Plan for the effective management and the minimization of the non-performing exposures. The Bank has displayed a significant increase in digital payments as a result of Attica Bank maintained operational throughout the lockdown period 48% Digital Transformation Plan 100%

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